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Thank you so much for taking care of the loan on my in-law’s property. I was so impressed with the way you handled everything from start to finish -- there wasn’t a problem you couldn’t solve. You even went the extra mile to work out a tax issue for them which was a huge help since things like that really can take a toll on folks in their 90's.


My in-laws were going to just go to their local bank to get the loan, but I’m so glad they went with you because I really don’t think the bank could have handled it. Plus, the kindness and patience you showed mom and dad was amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Gayle Brantuk

Whittier, CA


We've always received honest, prompt and competitive mortgage service from Personalized Mortgage Express.

Joshua and Tanya Jacquot

Anaheim, CA


Janine Heft helped me refinance not once but twice, and I recommend her to anyone who's looking for an excellent mortgage broker. She was recommended to me by a friend and colleague, and she refinanced my condo in 2009. Janine is great to work with and she's on top of every detail and deadline. Her professionalism, knowledge, resourcefulness, and attentiveness are just some of the reasons why I went back to her again to refinance my investment property.


Cindy Cheng

Los Angeles, CA




Very satisfied with the quality of work - the thoroughness, answering my questions in a timely manner, very smooth process, and closing sooner than expected. I was about to work with my job's bank for a refi but when the closing costs increased, I decided to put it on hold. Then Gilbert Ramos offered to give me a quote without a commitment, just so I can compare. We decided to proceed with his quote and the rest is history - we closed in less than a month. Happy customer, I know who to come when I purchase my next home and will definitely refer to my family and friends!

The Raya Family

Hacienda Heights, CA




I would like to thank you for all your help in handling my wife and I's refinance of our home last December.

From the beginning it was obvious that we were dealing with a real seasoned professional in the mortgage industry.

You displayed real practical knowledge about the mortgage industry, the refinance process, what could and could not be done and various costs attached to each option available to us. Signing up to have you help us for our refinance was a very easy decision.


However, we were so very impressed that once we signed up as your clients, you not only went to work for us, but you made the process go very, very quickly and efficiently. Part of that was the way in which you foresaw potential obstacles and had us perform some simple tasks to remove any chance of those becoming roadblocks.

When one "curveball" problem did come up, you gave us very specific instructions on how to take care of the

problem at once resulting in our loan being finalized and closed in record time.


If my wife and I ever purchase another property or need to re-finance of our home, we will call upon you and no one else. If we have friends or family that needs a very well qualified mortgage professional, we will gladly recommend you to them without hesitation.


Craig Alexander, Attorney At Law

Dana Point, CA

We have known Janine Heft for over four years. During that time we have refinanced our home in Encino, CA, several times.  She has always been very professional and efficient in processing our loans.  She is friendly and completely trustworthy.  There have been several challenges with underwriting our loans that often required her to do a lot of extra work to get the loans funded.  She has come through every time for us.  She has never charged us extra and in fact has always had the best rates available.  I shop my loans carefully and even though I prefer to work with Janine because I totally trust her, I always compare what she offers me to several other sources. In every case she has had the best terms for us. 


Janine has also been proactive in calling us when she can offer us a better loan for our specific needs. She is easy to work with and very knowledgeable in the field. She has always treated us first class and as a result we have strongly recommended her services to anyone that we know is looking for a mortgage or refinance.  Over the years we have done multiple mortgages and refinances with several banks and brokers.  Janine has simply been the best by any measure and she has our unabashed, enthusiastic confidence and approval. 


Drs. Craig & Alene Adler

Encino, CA



Because of the easy process and quickness of response that we experienced with Janine Heft for our first loan, we came back to her several years later to explore options that would fit into our future retirement plans.  She found and was able to secure a 7 year fixed loan, with no pre-payment penalty, interest only payments (if we desired) and at an incredibly low rate even for these times! 


This loan was offered by one of the top lenders in the country but the qualifications were riddled with many very difficult requirements.  Our super-hero Janine worked tirelessly with the underwriters and with us to come up with exactly what we wanted & what they needed to get the loan and help our retirement plans came together. 


We have come to recognize and respect Janine’s character and personal integrity.  We consider her a friend of our family as one who has our best interests at heart.  We have wholeheartedly recommended her services to others and were delighted to see that she does not disappoint!


Gary and Karen Jensen

Mission Viejo, CA

You’ve been nothing but on top of everything you do for your borrowers.  Since the first file to the very last file, you’ve always fought for every penny whenever you foresee a problem that your borrowers should have gotten from the quote you gave them.  It is truly amazing that there are still great loan officers out there like you.  Working with you in the past few years I have yet to find a borrower feeling frustrated with their refinance or purchase.  You explain everything to them and much more.  For that, you made my life easier and make me feel like I’m a part of your team and not just a part of the file. Thank you so much for everything that you do!  I look forward to many more transactions with you!


Anne Hamai, Escrow Officer

Newport Beach, CA

Janine is a loan officer I highly recommend. She is a true professional, one that is very knowledgeable and strategic. She works diligently to find the best loan for buyers, even when you think they may not qualify. If you are looking for a loan officer who is knowledgeable about a lot of different products, who thinks outside the box, and works hard to make it all happen, Janine is the one!

Lori Nevens, Realtor®

Riverside, CA



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