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As a REALTOR(R), you work hard to find your clients. You need a Mortgage Broker that will help you close the deal.  Fast.  Withoulast-minute surprises.

PME has decades of combined experience in retail and wholesale lending, as well as loan processing and underwriting, and is dedicated to meeting your needs.

Unlike banking institutions, where "9 to 5" is the norm, our Loan Officers are available on weekends

and after hours to better serve you.


At PME, we want to help you increase your business by:


1) Greatly expanding the pool of potential buyers that can qualify for a loan for your properties

 by always keeping you up-to-date on the latest loan guidelines.


2) Providing a large selection of the best loan programs from top lenders across the Nation to fit every possible loan scenario for your buyers.


3) Keeping you and your buyers updated on the status of the loan on a regular basis.


4) Ensuring that funding will occur on time, and at the agreed terms.


When it comes to follow-up, speed, and professionalism, give yourself and your clients peace of mind by choosing a company you both can trust.



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