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Ever had to take a number and wait in that long line at the Post Office or DMV?

Did you receive personalized and fast service? Of course not! Who would expect that kind of service

from a government agency?

Yet many lenders in the mortgage industry operate in the same way - and your property is much more precious than a letter or a driver's license.
Large, impersonal banks simply do not have the time, incentive or desire to work hard to get you the best program at the most affordable rate, much less return your phone call within a decent amount of time - if they return it at all!


We at Personalized Mortgage Express strive to make sure that your purchase or refinance is a smooth process, with no last minute surprises, with first class service from beginning to end.  

PME features a wide array of the best loan programs in the nation to meet your unique needs,
as well as a dynamic team that combines decades of experience in loan origination and processing.
Whether you are a homeowner looking for the best rates available in the market to buy or refinance
or you are a real estate agent looking for excellent service and the best loan programs for your clients,
PME is the one-stop shop for all your mortgage needs!